Design Services

For those of you that do not have a landscape designer on staff, but want to provide professional designs to your customers, let us help you. Our designers can work with you to put together a landscape design that will work, whether the job is large or small.

Delivery and Planting

Number Nurseries understands that your time Is very valuable. That Is why we strive to be your one-stop-shop shopping experience. We offer services such as landscape design and installation, so you can enjoy the results without the ‘heavy lifting’. If you would enjoy doing the planting, but can’t lift that tree or beautiful collection of shrubs in your Honda civic, we can also deliver your material, large or small. Why not sit back, relax and let us help you fulfill your landscaping dreams.


We deliver throughout the year. All deliveries are considered tailgate or curbside only, unless other arrangements have been made. The customer assumes complete responsibility and risk for deliveries made past the curb line, such as on lawns or driveways.

We will always do our best to meet your planting or delivery scheduling requirements, when you indicate AM or PM preferred. However, schemata conflicts may prevent us from being able to fulfill your specific request.

Delivery Charges

Our minimum delivery charge is $55 for any plant or hard good. Claireville Conservation Nursery uses your Postal Code to determine the delivery price that is charged. For delivery locations outside our minimum delivery charge zone, a distance surcharge will apply.

Hard good products may have an additional charge depending on weight and size of individual items. For nursery stock orders, a delivery charge can only be provided once the material has been selected. Due to rising fuel costs a fuel surcharge may be implemented at any time throughout the year without notice.

Delivery charges are for services provided and are not refundable and are not covered under our guarantee. When a delivery charge was paid on the original order, a new delivery charge will apply if any plant is being replaced under the terms of our guarantee and requires re-delivery.

Deliveries that come direct from our suppliers, Bestway, Gott Stone, Navascape, Permacon, Rinox, Triple H, and Zander Sod, are charged on an Individual basis, depending on your location and the order that Is placed.


Whether you want one potted tree planted or you entire yard landscape, Claireville Conservation Nursery can offer professional experience and expertise. We will plant throughout the season, as long as the ground is workable.

Planting Charges

Planting charges are a one-time fee for servIces provided and are not refundable. However, when a planting charge was paid on the original purchase, it is our policy to re-install without charge, any plant being replaced under the terms or our guarantee. This re-installation will be at the discretion of Claireville Conservation Nursery and in certain cases a new planting charge may be necessary, if out of our travel area or if planting site or conditions have changed.

Due to rising fuel costs, a fuel charge may be implemented at any time throughout the year without notice.

[basel_title title=”Remember to Call Before You Dig” subtitle=”IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL CUSTOMERS”]

Claireville Conservation Nursery is unable to begin any planting or landscape project without an ‘Ontario One Call’ utilities locate being completed This Is a free service. Locates are valid for 30 days from the day the customer calls ‘Ontario One Call’ and places the request. Direct calls to some utility providers may be required in certain Municipalities, where ‘Ontario One Call” does not cover. A copy of the locate report or the office clearance numbers must be provided prior to work commencing. Failure to request a locate or to provide a copy of the report, will result in a minimum charge of $250.00, separate and in addition to the planting charge. This is for loading, unloading, care of the plants and/or material, travel time, distance and for the landscape crew. The planting would then have to be rescheduled for a later date. The locate report can be faxed, emailed, left in your mail box, taped to your front door, given personally to our landscape foreman or dropped of at our front cash. Simply advise us of the most convenient way for you to provide the report. When sending Claireville Conservation Nursery your locate, please reference your name, address and invoice number on the locate report.

In Ontario, for All Utilities:
Phone: I-800-400-2255
Fax 1-800-400-8876

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