We deliver throughout the year, whether to a residential address or commercial site. The customer assumes complete responsibility and risk for deliveries made past the curb line, such as on lawns or driveways.

We will always do our best to meet your delivery scheduling requirements. Delivery is not available outside of Claireville operating hours.

Delivery Charges

A delivery charge will be applied to all deliveries. See table below to determine the applicable delivery rate for your location.

Our minimum delivery charge is $55 for any plant or hard good. Claireville Conservation Nursery uses your Postal Code to determine the delivery price that is charged. For delivery locations outside our minimum delivery charge zone, a distance surcharge will apply.

Hard good products may have an additional charge depending on weight and size of individual items. For nursery stock orders, a delivery charge can only be provided once the material has been selected. Due to rising fuel costs a fuel surcharge may be implemented at any time throughout the year without notice.

Delivery charges are for services provided and are not refundable and are not covered under our guarantee. When a delivery charge was paid on the original order, a new delivery charge will apply if any plant is being replaced under the terms of our guarantee and requires re-delivery.

In Ontario, for All Utilities:
Phone: I-800-400-2255
Fax 1-800-400-8876

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