Screened Topsoil

$32.00 per yard


Topsoil from a stockpile that has been processed by “screening” through a 1/2″ (12 mm) screen and marketed for use. This material is easy to work with since many soil clumps, rocks, roots, and unwanted debris over 1/2″ (12 mm) in size have been removed. Depending on the soil’s characteristics, such as soil texture (% sand, % silt, and % clay), pH, and organic content, this screened product has a variety of uses. Our screened topsoil meets OPSS 802 (November 2010; formerly OPSS 570) specifications.


Ideal for replacing topsoil around new construction projects, sidewalks, and boulevards; for building up-, leveling off- and preparing grade surfaces for new sod, and as a base for growing grass seed in commercial areas. In some cases, screened topsoil has been used to plant large trees and shrubs supplied by tree growers and garden centres.