A generic soil term which in its simplicity means “a blend of three components”. In the soil blending industry, the term Triple Mix has been loosely used to describe or imply a soil which is enhanced or enriched to provide and sustain healthy and vigorous plant growth. There are many variations of triple mix available, ranging in composition, texture, bulk density, workability, fertility, functional performance and colour. Our “Triple Mix” is composed of Topsoil, Compost (from decomposed leaf and yard trimmings, bark, and source-separated organics) and Peat Loam, and is processed through a 1/2″ screen. The added organic matter improves soil structure and stability, nutrient levels, moisture content and air porosity, thereby helping new plants to grow & thrive. Our Triple Mix ranges in colour from dark brown to black.


Ideal for creating new gardens; reviving and replenishing existing garden areas; planting trees and shrubs; planting flowers and garden vegetables; growing new lawns from sod or seed.